Monday, February 1, 2010


We have so much dissatisfaction in our lives. We are dissatisfied with our achievements and with everything else. This dissatisfaction really brings pain into our lives, in addition to the usual pain and misery of sickness and aging. Every single person, even those in their twenties, always thinks, “I am getting too old, too chubby,” and so forth. Then later it increases into worrying about getting wrinkles, gray hair, and so on. We build that pain within us. The true reality of aging will catch up with you when you are in your sixties, at my age, but the suffering begins even in our twenties. That is why we always put on make-up!
We have tremendous mental and emotional pains. We are very emotional people, extremely emotional. Likes and dislikes affect us tremendously, and we show it very clearly. We are completely deprived of joy. That is why we pray for the joy that has never known suffering. We have never had such joy. That is the First Noble Truth of Buddha.

~Gelek Rimpoche, from "The First Noble Truth"

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