Friday, November 21, 2008


The material world. . . says: If you use this product, you will be popular. If you live in this neighborhood, you have arrived. If you win this award, your worth will be validated. The material world demands that you do something to earn favor. God doesn’t workthis way. His grace is a gift. There’s nothing we can do to make
God love us more. There’s nothing we can do—or can have done—to make God love us less. And when we accept this—not just nonchalantly agree, intellectually, that it’s true, but hide it in our very hearts—it fills our life sails with a cleansing breeze. ~Bob Welch

Monday, November 17, 2008

F.A.G LIVING! The Human ANGELS that TOUCH our Hearts!

During each of our journeys, there are those inevitable moments when someone comes into our life at precisely the right time and says or does precisely the right thing. Their words or actions may help us perceive ourselves more clearly, remind us that everything will turn out for the best, help us cope, or see us through difficult situations. These people are human angels – individuals designated by the universe to be of service to those in need at specific points in time. Some human angels make a commitment before their births to make a positive contribution to the world at a particular moment. Others were chosen by the universe. All human angels, however, come into our lives when we least expect them and when we can most benefit from their presence.
A few of the human angels we may encounter are in professions where helping others is an everyday occurrence. But most of them are regular people, going about their daily lives until called upon to be in the right place at the right time to bring peace, joy, help, or heal someone when they most need it. You may have met a human angel in the form of a teacher who gave you a piece of advice that touched your soul and influenced your path. The person that momentarily stopped you to say hello on the street, delaying you long enough to avoid an oncoming car or a collision, is also a human angel. They may offer nothing more than a kind word or a smile, but they will offer it when you can draw the most strength and support from their simple action.
You may be a human angel yet not know it. Your fate or intuition may guide you toward other people’s challenging or distressing situations, leading you to infer that you simply have bad luck. But recognizing yourself as a human angel can help you deal with the pain you see and understand that you are there to help and comfort others during their times of need. Human angels give of their inner light to all who need it, coming into our lives and often changing us forever. Their task has its challenges, but it is they that have the power to teach, bring us joy, and comfort us in times of despair....the fabulousdailyom message comes at a perfect friend Judy, a nurse was just sharing a story about a patient that touched her life in a way that changed the course of what she was doing and where she was headed- his instructions were a divine gift to amazing example of this writing....I have been surrounded by earth angels for months now....and I don't go a day without a nod to gratitude......F.A.G Living to to recognize that we are all the same...and should ALL be treated as such, without division but with respect and humble appreciation.....we are all part of the angelic realm and we are here living this human experience in order to create THE unification of matter and spirit.....
Much love on this Monday evening.....Dave

Saturday, November 15, 2008

F.A.G Quote! Thich Nhat Hanh!!

If we face our unpleasant feelings with care, affection, and nonviolence, we can transform them into a kind of energy that is healthy and hasthe capacity to nourish us. By the work of mindful observation, our unpleasant feelings can illuminate so much for us, offering us insight and understanding into ourselves and society.
~Thich Nhat Hanh

Friday, November 14, 2008

F.A.G Quote! Malcolm S. Forbes!!!!!

When things are bad, we take comfort in the thought that they could always be worse. And when they are, we find hope in the thought that things are so bad they have to get better. ~Malcolm S. Forbes

Wednesday, November 12, 2008

F.A.G Quote! Francis of Paola!!

Pardon one another so that later on you will not remember the injury.The recollection of an injury is in itself wrong. It adds to our anger, nurtures our sin, and hates what is good. It is a rusty arrow and poison for the soul.
~Francis of Paola

Tuesday, November 11, 2008

F.A.G QUOTE! Albert DAY!

When one begins to practice simplicity, the ego is deprived of the very strategy by which it sustains itself. Nothing will deflate the ego more effectively than to be recognized for what it is. It lives by pretension. It dies when the mask is torn away and the stark reality is exposed to the gaze of others. Simplicity also avails in braking the tyranny of things. Ostentation, artificiality, ornamentation, pretentious style, luxury—all require things. One requires few things to be one’s self, one’s age, and one’s moral, intellectual, or spiritual stature. What one is doesnot depend upon what one has. ~Albert E. Day

Monday, November 10, 2008

F.A.G Quote! WAYNE DYER!!!!!

Thinking like a winner means not always having to defeat someone else. It means being able to grow from a situation in which you fail to reach your goal.It involves not demanding perfection from yourself in every single thing you do, but, instead, thinking of yourself as perfect and thuscapable of growing. It means reminding yourself that perfection doesn’t mean staying the same; it means being able to allow yourself to grow. Thinking as a winner means not coming down on yourself; it means
refusing to allow self-repudiating thoughts into your head. It involves pushing out the inclination to evaluate yourself in comparison with others,and giving yourself permission to be the unique person you are. ~Wayne Dyer

Sunday, November 9, 2008

F.A.G NEWS! National Protest NOV 15th! UNITE!!

F.A.G Quote! Michael Goddart!

The quote this morning is for! a life with GRACE is difficult at times....this morning I just wanted to run out into the street and scream......and perhaps later today I will walk over to a now vacant corn field and do just that.....but coming across this quote was just perfect...perhaps you can relate too?.....

Don’t expect perfection and things to go the way you want them to when it comes to people, business, your prospects, and your social life. When things don’t go according to your desires, when the weather of life is foul, be creative and consider what may be the higher reasons why this is happening and why you must adjust. Perhaps it’s to gain forbearance, patience, inner strength, flexibility, or the ability to withhold criticismwhile serving as a loving model. ~Michael Goddart

Saturday, November 8, 2008


But I also see the world of religion. I see some of my brothers and sisters trying to be religious without being fully human. They seem a little rigid and narrow at times, wanting to be holy, but not human. They seem to be winning a place in heaven, without realizing or enjoying the beauty of earth. They keep the ten commandments, but their observance looks so joyless. Such a world seems small and the air in that world is small. ~John Powell (a Jesuit monk)

F.A.G Quote! HUGH BLACK!!!

Attention to detail is the secret of success in every sphere of life, and little kindnesses, little acts of consideration, little appreciations, little confidences, they are all that are needed to keep the friendship sweet. ~Hugh Black

F.A.G PET!!! MacKenzie-Childs PET PALACE!!

next on my HOLIDAY LIST- this Fabulous Pet Palace for my lil' Tallulah...she sooo deserves this after birthing such fab lil babies....this dogie bed is only $3400!! such a fabulous and gay price for this fabulous and gay princess sure is a
royal setting for your prince of a Poodle, Pekinese, or Pomeranian. And a truly extraordinary piece of furniture. The Pet Palace depicts the picturesque, pastoral scene that surrounds MacKenzie-Childs in Aurora, NY. The dramatic, peaked top is hand-painted in faux tortoiseshell, and the entire palace is trimmed with stripes, checks, dots, and gilding. Inside, the micro fiber suede upholstered bed provides an inviting, cozt retreat. Removable, machine washable cover.
Dimensions: 29 in. wide, 24" deep, 48.25 in. tall (includes finial)
Requires Freight Delivery

For your F.A.G HOME!!!!.....

F.A.G BOOK NEWS! A Blessing In Disguise!! by Andrea Joy Cohen, MD

I had to tell you about this book- it includes a couple fav friends; Dr. Bernie Siegel, a long time supporter of mine, and a former writer for my newspaper: Joan Borysenko- Love you guys!! I adore this new book- gosh it hit home for me....recent events keep this book near my nightstand to keep me going- hope you find it helpful during these uncertain and exciting times.....

We have all experienced dark and lonely times filled with sadness, despair, anger and sorrow.

Today's greatest luminaries generously share personal stories about their most challenging experience -- and provide the healing wisdom that helped them emerge fortified with inner-peace, strengthened faith, and a deeper understanding of life. Features pieces by: Dean Ornish, Rachel Naomi Remen, Bernie Siegel, Joan Borysenko, Harriet Lerner, Belleruth Naparstek, Stephen Levine, Martha Beck, Dharma Singh Khalsa, Daphne Rose Kingma, David Whyte, Anne Wilson Schaef, and others. Topics covered include: Overcoming challenges, soul expression, love and relationships, death and dying, life’s everyday lessons, spirituality and family.

Pick up htis fabulous book today.....and support your LOCAL bookstore owner....

F.A.G BOOK NEWS! ANGELS 101 and Doreen Virtue!

Doreen was a columnist for my international newspaper many moons ago- since that time she has gone on to write some outstanding books on angels.....her latest is in keeping with the very best information on angels....does anyone really know if angels exist....I am not here to say yes for you- but I do here ya go F.A.G peeps- some info on Ms. Virtue's newest book- Angels 101- too bad she didn't connect up with artist (and my former boss) N.A. Noel ( for a better cover- oh well....

No matter where you are on your spiritual path, this book is sure to deepen your understanding, connection and love for angels. Angels 101 is a nondenominational overview of who the angels are. You will be shown all of the ways that angels can help you and how to call upon them when you need guidance. Also included is information on guardian angels, archangels, departed loved ones and frequently asked questions about angels. A beautiful book to have in your collection.


There are countless numbers of angels who want to help you, me, and everyone live in peace. Just as people hold different specialties, so do the angels. Here is a brief guide to the various types of Heavenly beings who would love to help you:

Guardian Angels

The angels stationed permanently by your side are called guardian angels. These are nonhuman celestial entities sent directly from the Creator. They’re not our deceased loved ones, who—while they can definitely act like angels—are called spirit guides. Our departed friends and family members, like all people living or deceased, have egos. Although they may be well-meaning, their guidance isn't as pure and trustworthy as that of guardian angels, who are with us from the moment we're born until our physical death.

No matter what we do in life, our angels will never leave us. Guardian angels are protectors and guides, ensuring that we stay safe, happy, healthy, and fulfill our life mission. Yet, we must act as a team with our guardian angels to fulfill these intentions. That means asking for help from them and then receiving the help they give you.

Speaking as a lifelong clairvoyant, I've never seen anyone without at least two guardian angels stationed by their side. One is loud and bold, to ensure that you'll work on your Divine life purpose; the other is quieter, and serves to comfort and soothe you. Yet, not everyone clearly hears their angels. If everybody did, we’d have a completely peaceful world!

You can have more than two guardian angels, and there are benefits to being surrounded by additional ones. They act like a castle moat, protecting you from negativity. The more angels you have with you, the stronger you'll feel the sensation of their Divine love and protection. It's also easier to hear a whole choir of angels, rather than the voice of just one or two of them.

Invoke additional angels by requesting that God send them to you, by asking the angels directly, or by visualizing yourself surrounded by more of them. You can ask for as many angels as you'd like.

Some people have additional guardian angels because a relative or good friend prayed for them to be surrounded by a number of them. Those who have had near-death experiences have extra angels to help with their adjustment to life following their experiences on the Other Side.

Every time God thinks of love, a new angel is created. That means that there's an infinite number of angels available to everyone.....(I don't question how anyone would know this- it sounds good though!).....

Happy ANGEL hunting.....Love you! David

F.A.G FEET!!!! Reflexology Sandals!!!

MY Holiday Gift list has started.....make a note- I WANT THESE!! Size 9.5

Reflexology Sandals are it!!!- According to traditional Chinese medicine, health and aging begin with our feet. There are 68 acupuncture points and 7,200 nerve endings on the soles of our feet which are in charge of the functions of our internal organs. By wearing these reflexology sandals up to 20 minutes per day, you will activate and stimulate these acupuncture points, thereby reviving your organs, improving blood circulation and accelerating metabolism.


Little Wolf Band is the brainchild of Native American producer Jim Wilson. He uses loops and samples to weave together tribal chant-based, trance-inducing music, centered on the music and ceremonies of his people, the Northern Cheyenne. Having helped launch the New Native American popular music genre (alongside rock luminary Robbie Robertson), Wilson has worked with such key figures as Krishna Das, Jai Uttal, Allen Ginsberg, and Rita Coolidge. For Prayer to the Mystery, Wilson moves to realize his own deeply shamanistic, musical vision, a combination of deeply trance-inducing Native American rhythms and vocals with electronic sweep and flow. The tracks on Prayer to the Mystery capture a strong gravitational pull via samples of tribal drumming and chanting along with synthesizers, flutes, guitars, and strings.

A GREAT CD for your fabulous home......

F.A.G LIVING!! Nathaniel Branden!!

In a world in which we are exposed to more information, more options,more philosophies, more perspectives than ever before, in which we must choose the values by which we will live (rather than unquestioningly follow some tradition for no better reason than that our own parents did), we need to be willing to stand on our own judgment and trust our own intelligence—to look at the world through our own eyes—to chart our course and think through how to achieve the future we want, to commit ourselves to continuousquestioning and learning—to be, in a word, self-responsible. ~Nathaniel Branden

F.A.G HEALTH!!!! Neal Rzepkowski Named "Provider of the Year"!!!!!

F.A.G Doctor Neal Rzepkowski, a family medicine physician specializing in HIV care in rural health clinics in western New York state, has been selected as the and Lesbian Medical Association “Provider of the Year” for 2008!!!!

The 6th annual award was presented to Dr. Rzepkowski by Dr. Stephen Goldstone, FACS, Medical Director of, at the 26th annual Gay and Lesbian Medical Association (GLMA) Conference in Seattle, WA,, on October 25.

Thank you and Pastor Robin Higgins for letting us know about Neal's award!- Rock on NEAL! YOU are fab!!

Wednesday, November 5, 2008


Character is the product of daily, hourly actions, words and thoughts:daily forgiveness, unselfishness, kindnesses, sympathies, charities, sacrifices for the good of others, struggles against temptation, submissiveness under trial. It is these, like the blinding colors in a picture, or the blending notes of music, which constitute the person. ~John MacDuff

Tuesday, November 4, 2008

F.A.G Quote! Dale Carnegie!!!

You have it easily in your power to increase the sum total of this world’s happiness now. How? By giving a few words of sincere appreciationto someone who is lonely or discouraged. Perhaps you will forget tomorrow the kind words you say today, but the recipient may cherish them over a lifetime. ~Dale Carnegie

Monday, November 3, 2008


Before we embark upon the journey of finding the relationship that is right for us, we may want to take the opportunity to refine our concept of who we are and our ideas of what we want from life. That way, we are clearer on the kind of person we want to attract into our lives. Part of the journey of finding a mate is learning how to become our own mate. When we can learn to meet our needs without relying on someone else to complete us, we don’t have to form relationships from the space of needing our emptiness to be filled. We can also discover our intrinsic value, separate from what someone else might be reflecting back to us. Getting to know who we are and learning to love ourselves creates a solid foundation of self that we can bring to any relationship.

We are fortunate to live in a time when relationships can unfold at a pace that is right for us and take unique forms. Friendship, dating, open relationships, long term relationships, long distance relationships, or committed relationships — we are free to choose the kind of relationships that we want. If you want to be in relationship, but haven’t found the right one for you, remember that the universe works in perfect order and, therefore, right now your life is unfolding exactly as it is meant to be. Maybe all this time has been part of your preparation period for meeting your intended partner. Even the relationships in our lives that haven’t worked out as we had hoped serve us by teaching us to make better choices in our next relationships....thank you Finding the relationship we want can come early or later in life. It may even happen again and again in one lifetime. There is no right or wrong for how to find a relationship nor is there a timeline that you have to follow. Follow your heart, listen to your inner voice, continue to become your own soul mate, and stay open to love. The journey of finding the right relationship begins with being in right relationship with yourself.

F.A.G Ramblin's! LIZA, Rosie and Facebook!

A vortex called FACEBOOK sucked me in this last can't believe all the people I have reconnected with, from grammar school to my middle age years...I must say it's been a blast...!...I have been fighting a depression all week as I faced the two year mark of my ex BF's passing....for some reason this year has been hard on many levels...grief is a wave that hits out of nowhere. For me, it's very personal and private, but for some people around me- well they don't realize what is going on for me- so there it is.....So- on to other things- HOLY fuckaroni....I am so sick of this campaign I'm ready to vomit....can one candidate really make all the changes we need to be a strong country again....America is falling a part at the pantries are empty- people loosing jobs- health care sucks....and a record number of autistic kids are filling up school systems that are NOT prepared to handle it all..(Brighton NY for one) in my little world right now- OBAMA is the answer- at least for tomorrow- but can he and his team really manage all that needs to be done?...I miss watching Project Runway...still can't stand the talking heads are needed on that show- time for JOY to move on and get Lizzie out there....and when is Miss Walters going to retire?....and dearest WHOOP....go back to the silver screen honey child...I miss RO on the VIEW!...Cloris Leachman, bless her, has been just the right dose of comic genius that we need....anyone hear how Gale Harold is doing after his accident....prayers with you man....while you are praying for Gale- say a word for my friend JUDE in NM- Jude is being treated for stage 4 breast cancer....ok...well, I am off and running now- gonna join a gym to get this old sagging body into shape....sorry I am downer Dave today...rock on F.A.G Peeps, it will all get better- Go vote OBAMA!.......and go see LIZA LIVE at the Palace Theater!!!

F.A.G Quote! Morrie Schwartz!!!

I think so many of us are too hard on ourselves for what we didn’t accomplish or what we should have done. The first step is to forgive yourself for all the things you didn’t do that you should have and all the things that you did do that you shouldn’t have. Get rid of the guilt. Negative feelings don’t do you much good. The way to deal with them is to forgive yourself and forgive others. ~Morrie Schwartz