Thursday, January 31, 2008

F.A.G LOVE! A Fabulous and Gay Sweet Moment!

Fabulous and gay love should spread across all political party lines....Candidates running for office, from people to people- shore to shore- even bird to cat-

F.A.G LOVE is possible!

F.A.G Inspiration!

This week a friend's ex-boyfriend Robert took his own life- shot himself-I recieved a text message and was shocked by the news- as any of us know who have dealt with emotional issues- sometimes the dark of the night can wrestle with our minds and some of us survive and others don't....I found some comfort in the article below- It is hard to reach out for help- some people play it out in front of the spotlight like Britney Spears is today and others huddle in a corner of a room in their home...

Compassion comes from a living a heartfelt life- We need to celebrate those who look at their demons and are willing to deal with them....and we need to support others who need too take a long good look at themseleves with an overwhelming feeling of forgiveness and love....Living a fabulous life is having the courage to work on ourselves and to reach out and support others while doing so....enjoy this article...
David Christian Hamblin
A F.A.G American

From the Daily OM-
Not Alone In The Dark
Looking At What We Don’t Want To See
It is one of life's great paradoxes that the things we don't want to look at in ourselves are the very things we need to look at in order to know ourselves better and to become more fully who we are. The feelings that make us want to run away are buried treasure full of energy and inspiration if we are willing to look. These feelings come in many forms, from strange images or snippets of information to recurring dreams and feelings that rise up seemingly without a reason. Whatever shape they come in, and no matter how scary they seem, these messengers bring the information we need in order to grow.

When we are tired of pushing something down, or trying to run away from it, a good first step is to write down what we think we are avoiding. Often this turns out to be only the surface of the issue or a symbol of something else. Expressing ourselves fully on paper is a safe way to begin exploring the murky territory of the unconscious. The coolness of the intellect can give us the distance we need to read what we have written and feel less afraid of it. It helps if we remember that no matter how dark or negative our thoughts or feelings may be, these are energies shared by all humanity. We are not alone in the dark, and all the gurus and teachers we admire had to go through their own unprocessed emotional territory in order to come out the other side brighter and wiser. This can give us the courage we need to open the treasure chest of what we have been avoiding.

Within the parts of ourselves that we don't want to look at, there are emotions that need to be felt. Unfelt emotions are stuck energy, and when we leave emotions unprocessed, we deprive ourselves of access to that energy. When we feel strong enough, we can begin the process of feeling those emotions, on our own or with guidance from a spiritual counselor. It is through this work that the buried treasure of energy and inspiration will pour forth from our hearts, giving us the courage to look at all the parts of ourselves with insight and compassion.

A F.A.G Moment!

I am inspired this morning to start playing soccer after viewing this faggy pic of David Beckham. Now- I love a good ball game in the sack but I suppose I should get out and kick a few fagulious balls on the field...anyone up for a game?

Thank you David for your contiued support! Have you seen his sexy Armani ads?- he is causing a waxing stir- metrosexual men are running out in record numbers to get waxed! I just did and WOW that Brazillian is hurts but it also feels good....rock on F.A.G people- go get waxed!....then play some F.A.G soccer!

David Christian Hamblin
A F.A.G American

F.A.G Author Christian de la Huerta coming to Rochester, NY!

Award-winning fabulous and gay faggy Author and Workshop presenter comes to Rochester, New York to present a workshop- see posting below for more information- Anyone who is anyone in the F.A.G community has heard of this queer magnet of a personality Christian de la Huerta!

Not only is this guy sexy and smart he is single- three elements that make me perk up! read more about his workshop at

Peace and Love- remember Mercury is Retrograde till FEB 18th....

David Christian Hamblin
A F.A.G American

F.A.G Workshop Alert!

Stay in from the elements this winter and join up with other like-minded F.A.G folks and sign up for a workshop! This winter in upstate NY you can partake in two fabulous and gay workshops- one of course is mine- Spirit of LIFE on March 1st and the other is Soulful SEX.

Back in the early 90's I was living in New Mexico and publishing a newspaper called The World Times- it was a paper to report positive minded information and pop cultural waves of interest in the areas of spiritual growth and how humans react to problems and issues that hit their lives....(what was interesting from my perspective was that the inner turmoil of the staff and freelancers with the newspaper-were the most troubled of people I have come across- but I digress-and you can read more about all that in my upcoming book later this year)...anyways- one day at the office after my appearance on the Phil Donahue Show- (which I was NOT ready for)...came a phone call from Christian de la Huerta.

Calling from San Fransico he wanted me to promote a book of some guru who lived in Colorado. We spoke many times and he engaged me on many levels- his sexual energy was channeled over the phone and I was hooked- he used his charismatic sexual energy to clear the way for his agenda.

Christian and I became friends over time and in the past 15 years our lives have crossed paths in many arenas. (He is one of my son's godfathers- he has three including Hector Amezguita and John Alaniz- all hispanic men. My son although European lived in fostercare in Mexico so I wanted to celebrate his connection to Hispanic culture)......Christian's EX-Ian Ganze became one of the founding partners of F.A.G product line- and my ex from NYC Gilmore Johns-now a Hollywood film producer became one of Christian's sponsors of workshops in Manhattan.....then there was Christian's book Coming Out Spiritually- we were both in the book and PR arena and met up atv the Book Expos- in LA and Chicago- and then Christan worked with the fabulous and Gay author Judith Bluestone Polich as her PR agent....Judith and her partner owned a BnB in New Mexico, Christina cam eout to work with her and we ended up horseback riding and hanging out at Ten Thousand Waves with all of this said- it was no surprise when I met someone online last evening and they said they were taking a workshop on SEX and Soulful SEX- I knew the workshop leader had to be Christian!

Christian has channeled his erotic charismatic ways into a successful workshop- and if you happen to be in upstate NY check it out!

A one-day workshop designed to dramatically expand your ability to open to receiving and giving: deeper love, sweeter affection, more powerful levels of intimacy, and greater freedom with regards to sex and sexuality.

Christian de la Huerta is author of the best-selling and critically-acclaimed Coming Out Spiritually. Chosen by Publishers Weekly as one of the ten best religion books of 1999, the book was also nominated for a Lambda Award. Christian's writing has appeared in the Advocate, Genre, OUT and other publications.
For more fabulous and gay inforamtion:

David Christian Hamblin
A F.A.G American

Wednesday, January 30, 2008

F.A.G Workshop! JOIN us for Spirit of Life Workshop!

Spirit of Life Workshop
Presented by David Christian Hamblin

Saturday, March 1st
Cost: $100 (includes organic lunch and dinner)
Location: Plymouth Spiritualist Church
29 Vick Park A, Rochester, NY

Spirit of Life workshop is day-long gathering celebrating the creative arts!
A fusion of motivational exercises and artistic creations open your soul’s
purpose………Wear comfortable clothing and experience a workshop like none

Contact: for registration or information
Seating is limited sign up today!

Artwork by Raphael Perez

F.A.G Community Agency of the Week!

Once a week F.A.G will promote a community organization supporting equality issues and services from around the country!

This week we start with our hometown- The fabulous and gay- GAY ALLIANCE in Rochester, NY!

Tuesday, January 29, 2008


Carter Oosterhouse from Carter Can on fabulous and gay TV- HGTV Channel!
Thursday nights- check local listings for this fabulous hunk's show!

Saturday, January 26, 2008

A F.A.G Meditative Quote

The surface of life is also in a state of constant flux, with good days and bad, victory and defeat. To maintain, as the ocean does, a deep inner calm, while the storms of misfortune, reverses, fears and worries lash at the surface of life, is to discover the secret of serenity.
Years ago, when Thomas Edison's factory burned down, he wasted no time bemoaning his fate. Immediately after the disaster the reporters found a calm, quiet man already at work on plans for a new building.
When Emerson's home was destroyed by fire and his precious books were being reduced to ashes, Louisa May Alcott came to console him. The great philosopher said, "Yes, yes, Louisa, they are all gone, but let us enjoy the blaze now. Isn't it beautiful!"
Some people are ocean personalities. In their inner depths they are not defeated by what happens to them.
The towering waves of circumstances cannot reach us when we go deep within to seek the peace that passes all understanding. While the surface of life is in turmoil we can find an inner calmness to see us through.
Wilferd A. Peterson

As I spin, sputter and whirl in my dance with life I really enjoy quotes like the one above to help me keep centered and focused....along with some good scotch!

David Christian Hamblin
A F.A.G American

Friday, January 25, 2008


Cooking in the Kitchen with a GAY GUY!
The Mandala Café

Tomato SOUP!

Serve it cold or hot- This is a hit of a soup developed over this past year for a few gatherings.

This is a rich and filling soup to soothe your F.A.G foodie soul!!
Enjoy- Love David

What you need:
2 lbs of Roma tomatoes-leave whole
1 yellow pepper/cleaned and split in two
1 red pepper/ cleaned and split in two
1 orange pepper/ cleaned and split in two
8 cloves of peeled garlic
½ cup of olive oil
½ cup of chopped fresh basil
3 cups of 1/2n1/2
16oz of gorgonzola cheese- I prefer a buttery subtle flavored gorgonzola
Kosher salt
Cracked pepper
Try to support local farmers and organic ingredients whenever- wherever possible
I have used Roma tomatoes-heirloom tomatoes and hydro-tomatoes- they all work well.
If you prefer you can take the skins off the veggies but I prefer to keep the nutrients of the skin in the soup.

In a large pan toss tomatoes, peppers and garlic cloves with olive oil
Spread on a baking sheet or in a large roaster- roast at 400 degrees for 30-40 minutes
Remove when tomatoes and peppers are roasted and charred a bit- keep the skin on-
In a food processor break down the tomatoes, peppers, garlic, add basil slowly with 1/2n1/2
Put ingredients in a large pot and on low heat add the cheese cubed and slowly stir as the cheese melts
Salt and pepper to taste.
Serve hot or cold.
Crusty bread is best served with this soup!

Relax, breathe and let the F.A.G soup spirits warm your heart……

David Christian Hamblin
Copyright 08
The Mandala Café

F.A.G News Alert! Calling all Fashion Forward Thrift Shop Purchasing F.A.G People in FLORIDA!!

Get your faggy fagulous out of bed and get to the GRAND OPENING!!!

North Miami Councilman Scott Galvin invites you to the Grand Opening of the
Out of the Closet Thrift Store
and AHF Pharmacy
Saturday, January 26th, 2008

10:00 AM Opening Ceremony
2097 Wilton Drive, Wilton Manors, FL 33305

Out of the Closet, the world's most fabulous thrift store, is a chain of thrift stores in Northern and Southern California and now opening in Broward County Wilton Manors are owned and operated by AIDS Healthcare Foundation (AHF), the largest specialized provider of cutting-edge medicine and advocacy regardless of ability to pay.

Out of the Closet Thrift Stores generate income that helps fund the medical services AHF provides. In addition to regular retail operations, four locations including our Florida location offer free HIV testing and counseling in a private area of the store. Out of the Closet thrift Stores generate 30,000 donations and nearly 1 million shoppers a year.

AHF Pharmacy is a non-for-profit pharmacy in which 96% of the profits support AIDS Healthcare Foundation’s Domestic and Global HIV/AIDS prevention and treatment programs.

Councilman Galvin
has served on the AHF Board of Directors since 2007.

(I love marketing naked men for thrift shop shopping- Thank you honey for letting me use your picture).....

David Christian Hamblin
A F.A.G American

Thursday, January 24, 2008

F.A.G but a bit weary today!

Ever feel this way? was one of those days- so a shower with F.A.G Pet Shampoo might be the ticket to having a fabulous FRIDAY! to the showers all you F.A.G Pussy's!!.....

F.A.G News ALERT! Fabulous Kids Mandala Coloring Packs for Valentine's DAY!!

The fabulous award-winning author and artist 91 years young MARTHA BARTFELD creates fabulous coloring packs for kids and adults like me! This Santa Fe based elder is creating scores of mandalas to color- check out her site at

GIVE your kids-nieces and nephews something fabulous for Valentine's DAY!

F.A.G Fashion NEWS for Thursday!

The date was 1981- I was living in Manhattan and working as a salesman in the sock department at Saks Fifth Avenue- I sold cashmere socks to Tina Turner, Edward Albee, Dustin Hoffman and business-fashion icon Mortimer Levitt- I was hawking socks during the day and performing as an actor in agent showcases and off-off Broadway shows at night- rubbing elbows during the day with sassy fashion gurus and acting wanna-Be's like myself- it was fun and frustrating- I wanted so badly to have something special to wear from Saks- on my salary it was almost impossible to purchase anything- till finally the Saks January sale came rolling along and poof there I was grabbing whatever was on sale- my biggest find was a Valentino sweater!.....for a F.A.G kid from the suburbs this was a celebratory moment!

When I was cast in the national tour of Sidney Morris' play If This Isn't Love- I had something to wear to my press interviews across the country....our press agent at the time was Tom Viola- he is the founder and executive director of Broadway Cares/Equity Fights AIDS- well Tom said to me David- is that the only thing you have to wear to interviews?- I remember barking back at him- yes- I must wear Valentino- Valentino only- HA!....ahhh my Valentino sweater- I finally had to retire my sweater....Today as Valentino retires with his last couture show- I think about my beloved faggy sweater-and wish I could cling to it one more time....We love you Valentino!

Now for more fashion F.A.G news- run out right now and purchase COJO's book-this inspirational, laugh-out-loud- piss in your Gucci pants memoir tracks Steven "Cojo" Cojocaru's near-tragic battle with kidney disease and his F.A.G positive outlook that helped him return to the A-list and back into our homes reporting from the red carpet- it's this winters must F.A.G read!!

David Christian Hamblin
A F.A.G American

Wednesday, January 23, 2008

F.A.G MOMENT Actor Chris Evans

Chris Evans melts away the recent New England snow fall- ahhhhhh.....a bit queer-minded on this very cold day...nothing like a straight hunk of meat to wash away my gray skies and bring light to my day.....Inspiration comes and stays for a moment....Thank you F.A.G Friend Chris!

F.A.G TV Saves us from Depression and Debates!!

Thank GOD we have F.A.G BRAVO TV tonight! Project Runway is back with a new episode- YEAH! After the Democratic debate this week- plus the news reporting on the death of HEATH Ledger-I was ready last night for some Housewives of Orange County- it was the season finale and I watched while I was on the phone with MONICA G. Lauri's dress was alright- she looked a little too tight in the face- it was good to see her son JOSH- I feel so bad for him- George needs a chin and jaw- with all that money you would think he would have a new one built- I loved the reception tent- and I want their leather sofa!! I have been a closet-watcher of Housewives- I recently came out on last weeks blog- friends were disgusted with me that I would waste my time watching such nonsense- but ya know what?- we need escape into the lives of others to really appreciate our own circumstances and sometimes dam it- I just need a F.A.G escape!! that's the appeal for the ratings show- others think the same- the debate on CNN the other night left me numb- I did holler at the TV a couple of times- once when Barack whined like a big baby about comments that president Clinton has made about him- he did not look presidential at all- he lost my vote-(now he may have GOD's money- of course by GOD I mean Oprah)- but that is NOT going to help him if he keeps his whiny ways a going- Hillary gets my vote- she is a take-charge person and projects an image America needs right now- poor John Edwards-a good man- but he is lost right now- he needs to go home and spend tender time with his wife Elizabeth ....that's what America wants and needs for him to do!........Obama brings JOHN Kerry's endorsement to the media?....what is he thinking? Isn't Kerry considered a LOSER???!!.....dumb Barack Dumb.....this election is too long- by the time we are ready to vote in November I hope I still care enough to pull the lever....for the time being I thank my F.A.G friends at BRAVO for giving me Fun Fabulous and over-the-top GAY TV to watch!.......

Tuesday, January 22, 2008

RIP FABULOUS actor Heath Ledger DEAD!

The actor Heath Ledger was found dead this afternoon in an apartment in Manhattan owned by the actress Mary-Kate Olsen, according to the New York City police. Mr. Ledger was 28. Heath Ledger,was nominated for an Academy Award in 2005 for his role as a F.A.G cowboy in "Brokeback Mountain."


F.A.G James Lecesne's New Book scores with PW!

Absolute Brightness
James Lecesne. HarperTeen/Geringer, $17.99 (480) ISBN 978-0-06-125627-1
Lecesne, the Academy Award winning writer of the film short Trevor, turns out a stunner of a first novel, using a deliberately leisurely pace to develop a careful view of a small town New Jersey community and then shattering it. Phoebe, the ruminative 15-year-old narrator, is appalled when the orphaned son of her uncle's ex-girlfriend moves in with her fatherless family: it's not just that 13-year-old Leonard shows up in pink-and-green plaid capris, a midriff-baring T-shirt, platform sandals and pierced ears like different. I am different, Phoebe explains to readers but something about him seemed to invite ridicule. Like he was saying, go on, I dare you, say something. Soon Leonard wins over Phoebe's mother, who operates a hair salon, and her clients, as he prescribes exactly what they need to release their inner beauty. But before these characters harden into types, the mood blackens, not unexpectedly but nevertheless horrifyingly. Lecesne is an artist with small details, using them liberally both to heighten his characters' world and to plant material whose significance emerges only much later. A somewhat didactic ending does not dim this book's pleasures nor flatten its complexities; readers are still left to wrangle with ambiguities and unmeasured depths. Ages 12-up. (Feb.)


David Christian Hamblin
A F.A.G American

Monday, January 21, 2008

F.A.G RandB Star ARI GOLD on Mag covers this week!

The Fabulous and Gay New York recording artist ARI GOLD displays his hotness on two magazine covers this week-CliK and Bleu! Catch his indepth interview- also we pulled this quote about Ari's reaction to F.A.G's hometown Rochester, NY......

I do remember a gig I had in Rochester, NY a few years back. The gig itself wasn't my favorite, but the people there were so cool and nice and we all went out afterward and they told me that their signature food was something called a "garbage plate" which they said in their cute Rochester accent. And so I ordered one which is basically a burger with cheese and fries and bacon just everything on top of each other. It was both disgusting and delicious!

Loving ya ARI!
David Christian Hamblin
A F.A.G American

F.A.G FUR!! Fresh from the MILAN Runway!

According to Agence France Presse: Fur will be de rigueur for next winter's well-turned-out male, whether he is refined or goes for the bad-boy look, some of Italy's top designers decreed at Milan's catwalk presentations this week.......Designer Alexander McQueen's over-the-top fabulous and soooo gay hat is just made for this F.A.G- it goes well with my John Galliano Moomoo-

My former boyfriend Brian D. Leitch screen writer and producer of Robert Altman's Pret-A-Porter- would be so proud of me for investing in this furry lil number-as ridiculous as it seems this lil' fur faggy hat looks FABULOUS on moi!

David Christian Hamblin
A Fashionable American F.A.G

F.A.G Friend Actor ERIC Winter Returns-Oprah's New Network and The View STINKS!


The sexy handsome actor Eric Winter returns to ABC's smash HIT drama BROTHERS and SISTERS playing his gay minister character on Sunday nights! Let's get this writers strike over with already!......OPRAH gets her network- does that mean our F.A.G friend Nate Berkus gets his own show?....he can redecorate my house any day!....Look for a fabulous and gay Project Runway this Wednesday..(we miss Jack-see his shirtless pic above)..I am practicing my sewing abilities for my audition for next season- wish I had a lil' kid from a third world country who could sew for me...VH1's Celebrity Rehab was disturbing to watch and I wanted to turn the channel but I was totally captivated- The View is beyond boring!! New co-hosts are needed!! I was thinking F.A.G Ricky Martin and lil ole F.A.G ME would make great co-hosts!!...well back to my TV watching moo moo wearing life!.....

David Christian Hamblin
a F.A.G American

Sunday, January 20, 2008

R.I.P F.A.G Friend Suzanne Pleshette!

From Broadway to Film to Television- Suzanne Pleshette has endured a long and rewarding career in Hollywood- adored most recently on WILL and Grace as Karen's mother- we all loved her as Leona Helmsley in the mini-series Queen of Mean-but most of all we love how she lived her life- with a FABULOUS attitude!.....Farewell old friend!.....

David Christian Hamblin
A F.A.G American

Saturday, January 19, 2008

F.A.G Shave Cream- It's Award-Winning!!!

Check it out F.A.G Peeps at!!!...Get some F.A.G Today! After all everyone deserves a lil' FAG!!!.....

F.A.G PAL George Clooney UN Peace ENVOY!

Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon designated Academy Award winning actor and favorite ER alum George Clooney as a U.N. "messenger of peace". The 46-year-old actor has been campaigning for an end to the 4 1/2-year war in Darfur and for humanitarian aid for the millions caught up in the conflict.

U.N. spokeswoman Michele Montas said Clooney was recognized "for focusing public attention on crucial international political and social issues."

Other celeb messengers of peace are the use-to-be-hot actor/director/producer Michael Douglas, the fabulous Elie Wiesel, our F.A.G Gal Pal Jane Goodall, master violinist Yo-Yo Ma, my favorite author; Paulo Coelho, and the fabulously beautiful Princess Haya of Jordan.

F.A.G Pal Clooney is a co-founder of Not on Our Watch, a humanitarian organization that focuses global attention on the plight of Darfur's people. The organization has raised more than $9.3 million for humanitarian efforts in the region.

Friday, January 18, 2008

F.A.G Bravo's TYSON Beckford!

This F.A.G moment is brought to you by Bravo's host Tyson Beckford- we so love him- what a faggin' moment this nice for a late Friday night! Beckford has modeled for Ralph Lauren and F.A.G senior Calvin Klein!!

Happy Faggin' Friday!
David Christian Hamblin
A F.A.G American

Thursday, January 17, 2008

F.A.G George Michael is writing a BOOK!

The sometimes FABULOUS and always EGO driven GAY superstar George Michael is penning a tell-all book about his life- should be interesting if he opens up and is honest- personally I stopped purchasing BIOs as they all seem a bit formula-ish- so this might be a consideration for my nightstand pile of fabulous and gay items to read.....the super talented George might just pull off a great book- I think he is a bit piggy for my taste- but as long as he gives details of his piggy ways- it might be a fabulous and oh so gay book to talk about!.....

David Christian Hamblin
A F.A.G American

F.A.G Gal Pal Suzanne Pleshette Needs Our Prayers!

Fabulous and Gay loved and adored Suzanne Pleshette has been battling cancer- she needs uplifting prayers today!....get on your knees F.A.G people- or at least when you're on your knees-Say a prayer!! WE love you Suzanne!

A F.A.G Film Cometh in MAY 08!!!

Sex in the City THE MOVIE with all our fav gal pals and F.A.G Loving Oscar-winning Jennifer Hudson is due in theatres in May! My friends on the set all said it's gonna be a lot of fun- the theatres will be filled with all you Faggy peeps on opening day-I just heard about one party being planned in the village after the movie premiere- what to wear?-....quick a call to my fab jewboy fashion stylist Kevin O'Neil- I need some spring flingin' outfit for this party! Love ya Sarah Jessica!....god I sound like a twenty-something twink....well once a twink always a least this senior twink is F.A.G!.....

David Christian Hamblin
A F.A.G American

Wednesday, January 16, 2008


F.A.G TV! Bravo's Project Runway Tonight!....should I do a reality series?

A major week of Fabulous and Gay TV! ABC's Brothers and Sisters is rocking with F.A.G storylines- FX's Nip/Tuck cracked me up last night with Ro and Oliver's scenes together- two brightly lit super stars gave us some great F.A.G acting last night-and now tonight Bravo's Project Runway!-does it get any Fagger?.....I have never been one to be so addictted to TV- but this seson- even with the writers strike I am devoted to a few good shows- and I must spill a secret I have been watching that QUEER show on Bravo- the Housewives of Orange County.....they need me in the nieghborhood!!....A F.A.G single man with an autistic kiddo- hmmmm....perhaps next season I can make a move to Orange county- but then again Housewives of NYC is coming soon......yeah I 'll do that one....I am more of a east coast F.A.G man.....calling my agent as you read this.....

David Christian Hamblin
A F.A.G American

F.A.G Keith Boykin Living a Fabulous and Gay Life!

The F.A.G political activist Keith Boykin began his political career as an aide for the Michael Dukakis Presidential Campaign in 1987, after graduating from Dartmouth.

He later entered Harvard Law School and became the general editor of the Harvard Civil Rights-Civil Liberties Law Review.

In 1992 he joined the Clinton/Gore Presidential Campaign and was later appointed Special Assistant to the President and Director of Specialty Media and served as Executive Director of the National Black Lesbian and Gay Leadership Forum.

Keith became the highest ranking openly gay person in the Clinton Administration.

Boykin taught political science at American University in Washington, D.C. from 1999 to 2001. the fabulous and gay brother has made numerous guest appearances on VH1, BET, CNN, Fox News, NPR, the Dennis Miller Show, Tom Joyner Morning Show, Tony Brown's Journal and Anderson Cooper 360. He's also been featured on the cover of A&U, Out and The Advocate. In 2004 he was selected as one of Out Magazine's 100 most intriguing people.

Boykin has a syndicated column in several U.S. publications, including New York Blade, the Washington Blade, The Southern Voice and The Houston Voice. He is also the co-host of "My Two Cents" on the BET an runs a daily commentary at

Such a F.A.G- Keith Boykin rocks it kids!!

David Christian Hamblin
A F.A.G American

F.A.G Matinee TOUR! From Fabulous and Gay Spain to Brazil!!


10 Years strong! Barcelona's MATINEE GROUP is bigger than ever overseas! The group now hosts some of the biggest fabulous and gay parties in the world! Everywhere from Spain to London to Italy.

From North to South, from East to West. Matinée is crossing borders and organizing parties at venues all around the world. The group's touring session is without a doubt one of the best ways of carrying Matinée away from the fabulous and gay city of Gaudí and Miró and making sure that the whole world knows about our parties and music.

Without a doubt the most important and F.A.G iconic symbol of the Matinée Tour is the weekly "Saturday morning" session by Matinée at Space Ibiza, where the best music in Ibiza and Barcelona fuse together every Saturday morning in the best club in the world: Space Ibiza.

David Christian Hamblin
A F.A.G American

Tuesday, January 15, 2008

F.A.G moment with Charlie David!!!

Star of Dante's Cove-Charlie David, was born in Regina, Saskatchewan, Canada. A true F.A.G man Charlie brings us some fabulous moments on the lil' screen. He resides in Vancouver, CA.

F.A.G Couple Rosie and Kelli O’Donnell Announce Sixth Cruise for Gay Parents and their Families

YES- another posting about Rosie!! January 15th is RO DAY here at Fabulous and Gay!

All aboard F.A.G FOLKS! Fabulous Moms Rosie O’Donnell and her partner Kelli O’Donnell, along with Gregg Kaminsky are kicking off another season of R Family Vacations, the first travel company devoted to gay and lesbian family vacations.

Their sixth cruise will set sail on the Holland America Oosterdam departing from San Diego, California, on March 15, 2008, with ports of call to Cabo San Lucas, Mazatlan, and Puerto Vallarta. Rosie and Kelli have four kids: Parker, 12, Chelsea, 10, Blake, 8, and Vivienne, 5. Cyndi Lauper joins the cruise for a concert- and the F.A.G Susan Powter will be leading us in YOGA classes!! so Faggin'.....

The F.A.G cruise is designed for gay and lesbian travelers, their kids, their friends, and their extended families.

We had a blast on our last R family vacations getaway- so join us and the O'Donnell's for a fabulous Mexican vacation!! Check out:

A F.A.G Shaves......

He's QUEER- He's a HOMO- his skin is sooooo sensitive....What does a good lil' FAG do for his sweet smooth face? He goes in search for the ultimate shaving experience....he checks out the products at bathhouses in New York- he hangs out at nude spas in Palm Springs....he checks himself into a guest house in Key West...still he finds nothing that helps his homo-sensitive skin.....he sits quietly at his beach house on Fire Island- inspired- he opens his MAC and searches the net- there he finds a site called finally.... after all his searching he uncovers the treasure he has been looking for.....The award-winning shave cream- F.A.G!
He orders his jar of specialness and waits for its arrival- he carefully unwraps the box and steps into his homo bath with his new jar of F.A.G and starts his ritual shaving.....he doesn't stop with his face- the smell is so intoxicating he shaves his whole body...starting with his chest- then his rippled stomach and then his man hair....he steps into the shower...under the hot water he runs his hands over his smooth hard body... he is ready to share his hotness- he is ready to have someone special touch his smooth silky skin.....he travels to Provincetown-wearing a loose muscle shirt showing off his bulging pecs- he walks Commercial street searching for just the right man to share his clean F.A.G Shaven bod with- there- he spots me at an outdoor cafe.....we make eye contact- he passes me but returns....he reaches out and touches my face....looks like you need a shave he mutters.....I get up and follow him without a word back to his guest house....I strip my clothes off and step into his shower......he slathers me with F.A.G Shave Cream and begins to shave my face then my body......naked and smooth, he starts to kiss me and then we make love.....after three years of shaving together we are ready to get married and start a F.A.G Family.....

Thank you F.A.G for creating your shave cream! Not only do I have smooth skin but I now have a hot faggin' husband in the shower with me everyday!.....Doesn't everyone deserve a lil' F.A.G in their life!!


Check your local listings! FX Channel
Also the Faggin'fagulous Hudson Leick returns to Nip/Tuck!
Nip/Tuck is so Queer- so Gay! and god help us so F.A.G!
Watch it F.A.G People!

Thursday, January 10, 2008

a Silent Cry.....

This time of year can be difficult for some- when the realities of life hit us- the holidays are over, the vacation pictures and gifts are put away- the decorations are neatly packed away for another year, the bills pile up on the foyer table, and voice mails go is a time to remember to reach out to those whom suffer from emotional ills.....One ingredient in living a Fabulous Life is to live your life with heart....we sometimes get so wrapped up in our own drama that we forget to reach out and hold a hand, comfort a loved one or in some cases a stranger....

For help in understanding friends and family members who are afflicted with emotional issues you can log on to and click on mental health.

There you will find insight and links that can assist you in living a F.A.G Life with Heart.

David Christian Hamblin
A F.A.G American
Art work by F.A.G Artist Rapahel Perez

F.A.G Theatre Director/Writer Joe Calarco!

One of my favorite F.A.G Men is the wonderfully talented major cutie Joe Calarco- a New York City based theatre director- Joe's career is zooming through the atmosphere with lightning speed.

Currently, this fabulous and gay man is directing Fugitive Songs By Chris Miller and Nathan Tysen (the best song writing team around if you ask JOE) Fugitive Songs is produced by Dreamlight Theatre Company at the 45th Street Theatre and opens in March 08.

Joe's other shows have included: Boy for Primary Stages- The Summer of the Swans at the Lucille Lortel Theatre-Sarah, Plain & Tall Director presented at Lucille Lortel Theatre the absence of spring... and the Writer/Director Second Stage Theatre Shakespeare's R&J (Lucille Lortel Award) Adapter/Director John Houseman Theatre!

Many full moons ago- Joe was a featured actor in my play Angel Descends which ran for six months in my loft theatre- Studio 14- along with Joe, film and stage Actor Taye Diggs and Taye's mom the fabulously talented Marsha Berry-Diggs appeared in the performance piece....

F.A.G Joe Calarco currently resides in Manhattan- catch his newest project in March!

David Christian Hamblin
A F.A.G American


This F.A.G Home is pushing all my fabulous over-the-top gay design buttons this morning- I want this house! I could win it- and you could too- at!

I see myself soaking in the sun at the beach in my white Armani thong (while the local chipmunks throw-up)-oh yes- there I am hanging onto the shutters when the hurricanes come a blowing- and see there I am hosting birthday parties for my son on the veranda....and then there is my hot stud of a butler with hard abs- (I could wash my Calvin Klein dedicates on those abs)- serving me mojitos as I lounge....lounge lounge oh too lounge......such a fabulous and gay life in my new HGTV Dream Home- snap too it Daveyboy ya haven't won yet.....but for a brief moment sitting here in my gloomy basement in a gloomy town on a gloomy day with my freshly brewed cup of Starbucks Christmas Blend (it was on sale this week)....I dream....and what a better dream than winning a FAG Home built for a fabulous fagulous FAG like myself by the faggy HGTV!.....

David Christian Hamblin
A F.A.G American

Wednesday, January 9, 2008

F.A.G TV Hero! Andy Cohen!!

Bravo's Andy Cohen! Another Fabulous and Gay Man-check out Andy's blog on Andy is the Senior Vice President of Programming and Production at BRAVO! Responsible for shows like Project Runway and Top Chef- Andy keeps a busy schedule while living in NYC- A St. Louis native this hot hunk is single as far as I can tell- my spy's at Bravo haven't told me otherwise.....F.A.G Andy Cohen!! We Love ya!

F.A.G James Lescene's Newest Book!!

Academy award-winning writer James Lescene's newest book is coming out and you can order on Amazon today! If we were to define what a fabulous and gay man is.....all we would have to do is utter the name JAMES LESCENE.

James is uniquely talented- he has performed all over the country in his one man shows- he was worked with leading Hollywood and NY entertainment movers and shakers- he wrote several Will and Grace episodes- he was the writer of the academy award winning film, Trevor about a gay suicidal teenager, (produced by F.A.G Jodie Foster) which prompted him to found The Trevor Project. His spiritual quest and life journey has inspired his friends a long the way....

Thousands of days ago we hung out at my townhouse after his performances of One Man Band at the Downstairs Cabaret Theatre...our friends Cindy, Donna and Sherie joined us as we played games and laughed into the wee hours- James- a down to earth man with a giant talent is truly a great example of what being a Fabulous and Gay man is really all about. Currently James lives in Greenwhich Village.

Check out his new book: Absolute Brightness!

Be inspired by James'll find that you will be a little more fabulous by doing so....

David Christian Hamblin
A F.A.G American

A gentle and fabulous love.......

Aylssa and Andy-You are two remarkable people- your commitment and the love shining through inspires all of us touched by it- strong, fun, sweet and tough- May you hold each other tight and keep loving no matter what life brings to your doorstep....a fabulous connection like yours is gentle-be kind...and thank you for sharing your vows with all of us- rock on kids!...........and now for the rest of the wedding story see below- wow what a night!